Return Your NATHEO Glass Packaging for Reuse

Save 20% on your next order

Julia Reed

12/28/20232 min read

Return Natheo glass bottles and jars and get 20% off your next order
Return Natheo glass bottles and jars and get 20% off your next order

If you follow @natheoskincare on social media, you may have seen my post announcing the launch of a Return & Reuse scheme for glass packaging. I feel it's so important to minimise NATHEO's impact on the environment with sustainably sourced and biodegradable natural ingredients, and plan to profile more about these going forward.

I am on a journey of improvement with packaging - increasingly there are more sustainable packaging solutions available, but often they have very high minimum order quantities, so I need to grow my business before being able to invest in these.

There are arguments for and against the use of every material in packaging, and I currently see the most sustainable option being multiple reuse of good quality, long-lasting packaging. As a small online business I need your help with this please. Below is my initial idea of how the return and reuse scheme will work, and I can refine this going forward. I'd love your feedback on this scheme, and please let me know if you have any ideas of how I can improve at Of course, do let me know if you have any questions.


  • Keep the box and packaging that your order comes in (any box is fine, this just helps to reduce resources).

  • Once you've enjoyed your products, pack your glass jars and bottles in the original protective wood wool, tissue paper and box.

  • Print & purchase a return postage label at (or hand-label and take directly to the post office to purchase postage). Address to: Julia Reed - Natheo Refill, 7 Christ Church Gardens, Basingstoke, RG24 9QP. Please enclose a note with your name and email address so I know who to send the voucher to. Please note that the cost of 2nd class postage for a small parcel bought online is currently £2.95. Your 20% discount will cover the cost of this plus an additional product discount if you buy full size Cleansing Oil, Protective Day Cream or Overnight Beauty Serum, for example. As usage of the scheme picks up I will be able to set up a prepaid returns account with Royal Mail online - I need at least 20 returns per week to be able to do this, so more usage of the returns scheme will help everyone get free return postage!

  • Drop the parcel at your local post office or parcel post box.

  • Once I receive your packaging I'll email you a Coupon Code for 20% off your next order.

  • I'll clean and reuse the packaging in my next batch.

If you don't wish to take part in this scheme, please be reassured that all outer packaging, glass jars and bottles, and alumnium caps are recyclable in regular kerbside schemes (unfortunately the pump and pipette lids are not currently recyclable as they are made from composite materials). You can even add the wood wool and the compostable Natureflex gift bags to your compost heap!